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Voice Assistance Script

    Suggestions of questions to go throught for the best feedback for the kids

  1. Location Hint Icon Example: Vancouver
  2. Attending Grade Hint Icon Example: 5th grade
  3. Subject Hint Icon Example: Mathematics
  4. Student first name + last name initial
  5. Grading System Hint Icon Example: Letter grade
  6. Grade Achieved Hint Icon Example: A+
  7. Core Competencies Hint Icon Example: Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  8. Curricular Competencies Hint Icon Example: Estimate reasonably and fluently while performing operations using whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.
  9. Evidence (optional) Hint Icon Example: During Class John estimated really well and got all ne day
  10. Suggestions for for student specific next steps (optional) Hint Icon Example: Keep doing what you are doing
  11. Suggestions for next steps for support at home? (optional) Hint Icon Example: He told me during class he was interested in reading more books about mathematical reasoning

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